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Preparing for ABO Optometry Board Certification?  KMK Specializes in Optometry Exam Review!  

Our Services

We've helped thousands of optometry students prepare for standardized exams, includuing NBEO Part 1 and Part 2 exams!

Our Services

Our (ABO) Board Certification review textbook offers concise study tips and covers all major topics on the board certification exam.…

Our Services

Our online and lecture courses walk you through important optometry concepts critical for success on the ABO Board Certification examination!…

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KMK Optometry Board Certification Review

 The Time is Right to Jumpstart Your Preparation!

Who We Are:
  • We are a collection of educators, including practicing optometrists and active researchers, devoted to developing review courses for optometry standardized exams.
  • We currently offer review courses for the ABO Optometry Board Certification exam and NBEO Continued Professional Development in Optometry (CPDO) exam as well as courses for NBEO Part 1 and Part 2 exams (see our NBEO Review website).
  • We have partnered with state organizations and optometry schools across the country to bring our products to their members.  These organizations include: 
    • University of Houston College of Optometry
    • Texas Optometric Association
    • Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University
    • South Carolina Optometric Physicians Association
    • Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry
    • Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians
    • Southern California College of Optometry
    • North Central States Optometric Council
    • Mississippi Optometric Association
    • Montana Optometric Association
    • Colorado Optometric Association
    • New Hampshire Optometric Association
    • Great Western Council of Optometry
    • Michigan Optometric Association
  • Since 2011, we have helped over 800 doctors prepare for the ABO board certification test.
  • Since 2005, we have helped over 7000 optometry students prepare for NBEO Part 1 and Part 2 Optometry Board Examinations.
  • For NBEO Part 1 and Part 2 board exams, we offer courses at the majority of optometry schools nationwide.  We offer 19 courses yearly, with enrollment  exceeding 1200 students annually.
  • Last year, over 85% of 3rd year optometry students nationwide took a KMK board exam review course!

What We Offer:
  • Review Courses for the Busy Clinician:  We offer both live lecture courses (COPE approved) and online courses (COPE approved) for the ABO Board Certification Examinations and NBEO Continued Professional Development in Optometry (CPDO) Examinations.
  • Prepare at Your Pace — On Your Schedule:  The KMK Review Course for the ABO Board Certification Exam and NBEO Continued Professional Development in Optometry (CPDO) Exam are designed by practicing optometrists who understand the value of your time. Study sessions are presented in manageable units to optimize your learning.Teaching methods appeal to every type of learner — whether you prefer classroom lectures, textbook review or online tools. And, if you happen to miss a lecture ... you can catch it online via recorded video streaming.
  • Organization Made Easy:   It’s tough to know where and how to start when preparing for a certification exam. Consolidated information and interactive sessions cover essential concepts in the announced American Board of Optometry (ABO) exam content outline and in the NBEO Continued Professional Development in Optometry (CPDO) Exam content outline.
  • Live Lectures:  Lectures are delivered by experts in standardized optometry exam review. Interactive feedback via electronic audience polling encourages attendee participation.


(Live courses include 18 hours and online courses 17 hours of COPE-approved CE)

  • Comprehensive Textbook:  The KMK textbook provides bite- sized chunks of information in a logical sequence to underscore and reinforce key concepts.
  • Online Tools:  Flashcards, podcasts and streaming video will reinforce the lecture material and exam content outline. Graded quizzes will reacquaint the experienced clinician with standardized examination formats. There are even mobile KMK applications for iPhone, Android**, and Blackberry** users — so you can prepare while on the run.


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** While are strive to make our mobile apps compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, they may not be compatible with all Android and Blackberry devices.  However, all study content available through the apps is also accessible directly from the website.

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