KMK: Established Experts in Optometric Standardized Exam Preparation

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Preparing for ABO Optometry Board Certification?  KMK Specializes in Optometry Exam Review!  

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We've helped thousands of optometry students prepare for standardized exams, includuing NBEO Part 1 and Part 2 exams!

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Our (ABO) Board Certification review textbook offers concise study tips and covers all major topics on the board certification exam.…

Our Services

Our online and lecture courses walk you through important optometry concepts critical for success on the ABO Board Certification examination!…

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Upcoming Live Courses for ABO Examination

Looking for the KMK Student Website for NBEO Exam Review?  Please click here!

Please note that we no longer have mobile apps available for the KMK Optometry Board Certification review course.  Please disregard any mention of an app in the Board Certification videos.  All course material is available through your account online at and in the KMK Optometry Board Certification Review textbook.  We apologize for any confusion.

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